At St Benedict’s we want our pupils to be inspired to learn about influential people that have shaped the world they live in, understand the impact that actions carried out in the past has on the present and that what they do now will shape the future. 


In Key Stage 1, children will develop an awareness of the past. They will learn about significant historical events within the local area, at changes within living memory such as how shops and homes have changed and at events beyond living memory such as the World’s greatest explorers. Year 2 will have a focus on local inspirational people throughout history, a theme that will be central to our curriculum as a whole at St Benedict’s.

In Key Stage 2 children will continue to appreciate history in a dynamic and exciting way. They will work on securing an understanding of British history and how different periods of time impacted on Britain as well as studying local and world history. In lower Key Stage 2 children will be focusing on areas such as prehistoric Britain and Ancient Rome whilst Upper Key Stage 2 will be looking at the Egyptians and Ancient Greece. The children will look at connections and patterns over time and begin to understand change and development. They will learn how to compare across time periods and develop a good use of historical terms. There will also be a big focus on different sources and how our knowledge of the past is shaped from them


Through high-quality history lessons we aim to encourage critical thinking, as well as helping the children to gain a sense of their own identity within a social, political, cultural and economic background. We want our pupils to leave St Benedict’s with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to continue their journey of discovery through history. 

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