Our mission at St Benedict’s is to improve and increase the quality and quantity of high quality PE for all pupils, to show how PE can enhance pupils' attainment and achievement and to create pathways for them to continue to be active beyond school. 


Following the Rising Stars ‘Champions’ overview, the children at St. Benedict’s will engage in a range of units that focus on an area of ‘Sport’ and ‘Fitness’. This SOW has been deliberately chosen with clear progression in mind. Along-side the ‘Champions’ SOW, external dance/gymnastics teachers and cricket coaches will be delivering high-quality sessions across the academic year.

Starting in the Early Years and working through KS1, we believe it is crucial for all children to have an understanding of how their own body works. A child should have awareness and control of their body through Agility, Balance and Coordination (ABC’s), the fundamentals of Physical Education. Once a child has awareness and control of these three areas, they are then able to develop their skill set. Children are introduced to different games that involve team building (social development) as well as being able to understand and follow basic sporting rules.

As the children move into KS2, we want them to be able to apply those fundamental skills (ABC’s) into a rich variety of new games and sports that show clear progression. The children at St. Benedict’s will be given the opportunity to engage in a range of strike and field, invasion, and attack and defence games and sports. At

St. Benedict’s, we believe it is vital to provide as many opportunities for children to engage in Physical Education as possible. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular sporting activities such as football, cricket, tennis, gymnastics and dance


Our PE curriculum results in active and fit children who have the opportunity to excel in their own individual area of strength. Our PE curriculum enables children to work together as a team and compete in a healthy and mature way. 

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Ballet Workshop

On Monday the 25th and Tuesday 26th October, Martha Burwood, a student at Preston College Dance, came in to teach each class some Ballet. Although all the children knew that ballet is a form of dance, they were surprised to learn that a lot of footballers learn ballet to help with strength and stamina. They were even shown a video of footballers dancing with Ballerinas. During the classes the children had great fun trying various ballet moves and techniques. They particularly enjoyed trying to plie, leap, pirouette and gallop, however they were surprised at how difficult ballet was to do.

The lesson was really good and I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. Martha was friendly, very encouraging and explained how to do things clearly. (Sean Y6)

I loved the video of the Arsenal players doing ballet and trying to balance on tip toes. (Ollie Y5)

I hadn’t expected to enjoy it, but I really did. I liked the jumping parts. Martha was really calm and she didn’t get cross with us if we couldn’t do it. (Ben Y5)

I liked the bit when I had a partner and did side gallops. After my body felt strong and stretched. (Quinn Y1)

I learnt that footballers do ballet to make them strong. The teacher was very fit and strong. (Neve Y4)

Footballers do it. I liked the galloping and the magic wand bit. (Elliot Y1)

The best bit was running and jumping. The twirling made me dizzy. (Lucas Y3)

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