St Benedict’s is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expect all staff and visitors to put this at the forefront of all they do. We ensure that our processes and systems are robust and regularly review these processes.

We recently underwent a successful safeguarding audit by the Cheshire East SCIES team and take part in regular training to ensure we have the most up to date advice. 

?Safeguarding is a regular feature of staff meetings and SLT meetings where one-minute guides, scenario practices and quizzes are used to ensure staff training is often refreshed.

Hannah McGuire (Head) is the Designated Safeguarding lead and Catherine McBride (Deputy Head) is Deputy Safeguarding lead. Both have received training and taken part in the necessary courses and take part in the termly update briefings held by the SCIES team.
Lisa Jones is the Safeguarding Governor. Lisa conducts audits alongside the Headteacher to ensure that Safeguarding practices and procedures are robust. 

All Staff and governors have read Keeping Children Safe in Education, have undergone Prevent Training and staff members have up to date safeguarding training.

The Safeguarding policy is reviewed in September each year and is based on the Cheshire East model.
Any candidate applying to work at our school will undergo vigorous checks (reference checks, DBS checks) and any adult working in school will need a valid DBS check. Staff are asked to declare any changes to their DBS checks immediately.
If staff, governors, parents or pupils raise concerns about a child in school, a clear process is followed.

Staff will inform the DSL (Hannah McGuire) immediately. When this is not possible, the Deputy DSL (Catherine McBride) will be informed.  Staff are also aware that, should they need to, they are also able to contact the CHECs team to raise concerns and posters around school display the numbers any adult would need to seek support.

Detailed records will be kept on CPOMS (an electronic reporting system). This is only accessed by staff members. Only the SLT can see all previous incidents. Other members of staff are able to log incidents and should do so in a timely manner.

What should parents do if they have concerns?
Children and young people have the right to grow up safe from harm or abuse.  If you are worried about a child or young person, please tell someone about your concerns. Contacting the school on 01625 520207 is the best way to raise a concern. Outside of school hours and during holidays you should contact the head on .

We want to know about concerns and remind ourselves that “It could happen here”. Do not worry about if you are wrong, think – what if you are right.  We are always happy to talk if you are concerned you have a safeguarding or welfare concern. Please talk to us so we can help.

What if a parent needs support?
Being a parent is hard work and we all struggle at times. At St Benedict’s the door is always open and we will always try to help or point you in the right direction.
If you need help with:
* uniform or paying for school trips or school lunches.
* support with managing your child’s behaviour
* bullying
* domestic violence
*you just need someone to listen and support you
Please call the school office on 01625520207 or email

You might also want to contact external agencies directly.
For advice on:
Find your nearest Warm PlaCE by visiting:
If you or your children are experiencing or witnessing domestic abuse (this might be emotional or physical), please contact the headteacher for support. Alternatively, you can click the links below to contact 'My CWA', the domestic abuse hub or CHECS on 0300 123 5012

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