School Council


Each year group has 2 school councillors, who applied for the role and were then chosen by their peers.

This is a great honour as they represent their class at school council meetings.
Supported by Mrs Browne, the children meet regularly every half term and discuss matters of interest to their class.

The children have already met to discuss their ideas for this term. The meeting was led by our two Y6 councillors and everyone took part sharing and discussing each proposal.

Currently the children are designing posters high lighting road safety when crossing the road, especially as the darker evenings approach.

Watch this space for exciting news about a project the school council are working on at the moment!

June 2021
WOW! Look how our vegetables are growing! Soon we will be able to pick fresh vegetables to share and taste. 
Congratulations to the School Council who have achieved the 'RHS Schools Gardening Award Level 1'

April 2021
Spring has arrived and our School Councillors have been busy planting lots of seedlings in our new planters. 
Y6 Councillors planted Board Beans, Peas and Runner Beans. 
Y5 Councillors planted Carrots, Beetroot and Herbs. 
Y4 Councillors planted Tomatoes, Potatoes and Peppers. 
The Councillors have also been busy planting lots of flowers to attract bees and butterflies.

March 2021
Handforth Village Scarecrow Competition 
Well done to our Y6, Y5 and Y4 School Councillors who took part in the Handforth Village Scarecrow Competition. 
"We had great fun making our scarecrows, we got straw everywhere, a good thing we made them on the field" Y5 Councillor

February 2021
Construction of Planters 
Today with the fantastic help of 
Mr Jeffers, Y6 School Councillors built our new Garden Planters. 
"It was really hard getting all the pieces to fit together and we had to work as a team to build the planters" Y6 Councillor 
"I was a little nervous at first to use the tools but with Mr Jeffers helping me it was easy and fun" Y6 Councillor

November 2020 
Breaking News! 
Our School Council have decided to create an allotment this year. There is a lot of preparation to do first. The plot has been chosen, compost and seeds have been kindly donated by Handforth Parish Council, so all is ready to start.

Happy Diwali 
Happy Diwali to all our Hindu families and staff! The school council worked hard to create some beautiful Diwali cards which were sent out to families celebrating Diwali. We hope they brought some joy! ??

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