Team Benedict

We are Team Benedict. As members of Team Benedict we are called to enhance the Religious Life of our school. Everyday we live by the gospel values and show others how they can do the same. Being a member of the Team Benedict can be a challenging but very rewarding task. Here are just a few of the tasks which you can find us completing at school: 
  • leading whole school assemblies 
  • establishing a prayer area within the school grounds 
  • bringing new ideas to teachers to make our faith 'come alive' 
  • supporting younger pupils with prayer at lunch time 
  • taking a lead role in school masses 
  • leading the Rosary during the months of May and October 
  • leading activities during Lent and Advent

The TEAM: 


Remembrance Display

Team Benedict have created some beautiful artwork for Remembrance display. It has been put up in our hall to remind the children of all the people who have died for us in the wars.

Rememberance day display.jpeg


All Saints and All Souls

On 1st November (All Souls Day), Team Benedict supported Mrs McBride with leading an assembly about All Saints and All Souls. It was lovely to have so many parents enjoying us.

All Saints and All souls.jpeg

All saints and all souls 2.jpeg

All saints and all souls 3.jpeg


Harvest Assembly

Team Benedict and Mrs McGuire led our Harvest assembly and it was lovely to see so many parents joining us. The children collected lots of food for Hope Central (our local foodbank).

Harvest festival 1.jpg

Harvest festival 2.jpg

Harvest festival 3.jpg

Harvest festival 4.jpg

Hope Central food collection.JPG


Teaching the Rosary

As it is the month of October, Team Benedict have been teaching each class about the Rosary. 

TEAM B 1.jpg


Rosary 2023 b.jpg

Rosary 2023.jpg


Lent butterfly display

Each class took part in a Lenten prayer trail within their key stage. Team Benedict supported the children in Reception, Year one and Year two. One of the activities was to write down something they would like to ask God for help with during Lent. They had to then roll up the piece of paper and place it on the centre of a butterfly. We have used their work to create this beautiful display.

Lent butterfly display a.jpeg

Lent butterfly display.jpeg


40 Acts of Kindness for Lent

Each day, Team Benedict placed a different act of kindness in each classroom. The idea being that the class teacher would read out the 'act of kindness' and the children would try and do it. Pictured below are Team Benedict with an some examples of the 'acts of kindness'.

40 acts of kindness for lent.jpeg


October - The month of the Rosary

During October TEAM Benedict did an assembly to the whole school teaching them how to pray the Rosary and inviting the children to come and pray with them at lunch time.

They also talked about the different images of Mary and explained how people can see her in many ways.  Every day a different image of Mary was placed on each class altar so that the children could see how Mary is interpreted by different people.

Rosary 2.JPG


Rosary 1.JPG


Remembrance Day

TEAM Benedict talked to the whole school about Remembrance Day and asked the children to write a prayer for the soldiers who have died or who are still fighting in wars today. 

We are very pleased with the outcome of the poppy display.

Remembrance day poppy displays.jpeg


Leading Harvest Festival (For more information see here)

It was great to be able to celebrate the Harvest today with so many of our parents.  


Crowning of Mary

May is the month of Mary and to celebrate this the whole school gathered on the playground to watch the crowning of Mary. TEAM Benedict were given the honour of being asked to read at the event. 

Advent Prayer and Liturgy afternoon

Each class took part in an afternoon of Advent Prayer and Liturgy. Here are some of the photos from Year 3's afternoon.
a.jpeg b.jpeg c.jpeg d.jpeg
e.jpeg f.jpeg g.jpeg  

Team Benedict's Advent Promise Tree

TEAM Benedict asked every child in the school to write their advent promise on a bauble to be put on our Christmas tree. We are very proud of all the children for how much thought went into their promises and the effort that went into decorating them.
Advent promise tree.jpeg 262320657-438424517811040-4220306393432468730-n.jpeg

Why do we not say Alleluia during Lent?

Alleluia means "Praise God". It is a special word that helps us joyfully proclaim that Jesus is risen. We are so happy that we want to sing, pray and shout the word Alleluia.
By not saying the word Alleluia for 40 days during Lent we will hopefully appreciate just how joyful the word is.

TEAM Benedict held an assembly on Shrove Tuesday for the whole school explaining this and put away the letters that spell Alleluia. We will get them out again after Easter and rejoice once more.

Remembrance Service

On Remembrance Sunday TEAM Benedict were invited to attend the Service at St Chad’s church. Two children were chosen to read out some of the names of the fallen soldiers and others laid a wreath on the cenotaph. 
1A.png 1B.png 1C.png

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