Inspection Reports

In November 2023, the Diocesan Inspection team visited. Under the new framework we have been graded as 'Outstanding' in all 9 areas. We are delighted with the report which recognises the excellent teaching and the nurturing environment which we have been striving to achieve. 

They said:

'The inspirational leadership team lead and support the staff so that they provide an inclusive,
compassionate, and joyful community where pupils and adults are treated with respect.'

'Pupils’ work is of a consistently high standard and demonstrates a variety of challenging and
creative approaches to learning so that pupils of all abilities deepen their understanding.'

'Because of the passionate commitment to recognise the uniqueness of each individual, support is
subtly provided so everyone feels included without feeling different.'

' Pastoral care is a high priority for all adults working in St Benedict’s. Staff told us that every
child is seen as an individual and treated with dignity, respect, and forgiveness.'


In February 2022, OFSTED visited St Benedict’s. Under the framework introduced in 2019, we have been judged as a ‘good’ school.   The report is very positive and, as a new leadership team, we are very proud of what we have achieved so far. All the staff at St Benedict's are ambitious and we will continue to improve. 


We have good teachers who ensure children build on their learning:
‘In most subjects, teachers successfully revisit prior learning regularly to check that pupils remember what they have been taught in the past. Pupils use their prior knowledge well to help them to make connections with their current learning….As a result, pupils progress well through most areas of the curriculum. They achieve well by the end of key stage 2.’

Teachers have good subject knowledge of the subjects that they teach. They explain subject content clearly so that pupils understand and know what to do.’


Our curriculum is ambitious and our children remember what they learn:

‘Leaders have thought carefully about what they want pupils to learn. They have created an ambitious curriculum which starts in the early years. The curriculum is organised so that new learning builds on what pupils already know. Leaders link pupils’ learning to the local area as much as possible so that it is relevant and enjoyable.’


Our pupils are fantastic:

‘They are keen to live up to the high expectations that leaders have for their learning and behaviour. Pupils behave well and try their best in lessons.’
‘Pupils treat one another with respect.’


Our only area for development is handwriting in KS1 which is weak in some pupils as a result of the pandemic

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some aspects of the early years curriculum that have not been covered in sufficient depth. As a result, some younger pupils in key stage 1 have not gained the key knowledge and skills that they need to flourish. Leaders should ensure that pupils have the opportunity to make up for the gaps in their development so that they can make the most of the key stage 1 curriculum.’


Children are safe at St Benedict’s:

‘Leaders make keeping pupils safe a priority. They have made sure that all staff are well-trained so that they know how to identify and report any issues of abuse including neglect.’

Pupils said that they feel safe in school. Pupils know that bullying is not tolerated in school and that staff deal with any incidents swiftly and decisively. They appreciate the way that their teachers help them and look after them. ‘

‘Pupils know how to keep themselves safe including online. They learn about keeping safe in lessons and in assemblies. Pupils said that there is always someone to talk to if they are worried.’

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